Welcome to the Sustainable Health Lab led by Prof. Inas Khayal @ Dartmouth:

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The Sustainable Health Lab Research Program began from a classical biomedical engineering perspective of ‘Understanding Content’ using Technology within the Healthcare Delivery System (Technology Within Healthcare [TWH]).

Continuing on the quest to improve patient health outcomes, the research program expanded to ‘Understanding Context’ using Technology Outside the Healthcare Delivery System (Technology Outside Healthcare [TOH]) from a computer science perspective of Sensing ‘in the wild’.

Finally, in order to truly achieve Sustainable Health, an ‘Integrated Understanding of Content & Context’ is necessary to sustain & maintain individual health at optimal cost to the Healthcare Delivery System. This requires a multidisciplinary approach of engineering systems, computer science, medical knowledge, operations and management to describe and address individual needs as they utilize the healthcare delivery system (Health & Healthcare Systems [HHS]).